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Wai'Ole takes a different approach. Instead of filling our bottles with water, we let you add water at home. Then, you can enjoy the rich and silky care of our shower foams, shampoo foams, and hand foams. With over 97% ingredients of natural origin, our products are not only good for you but also for the world.
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11 products

11 products

Just add a splash.

Doing good while feeling great.

You believe that personal care products should be good for you and the world. That's why you make conscious choices. You take care of a cleaner planet while indulging in rich and silky foam for your skin, hair, and hands.

  • No products filled with water that is already available from your own tap at home.

  • No substances that are harmful to humans and the planet.

  • No compromises when it comes to quality and comfort.

  • No plastic waste thanks to the reusable dispenser

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